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 Research Topics

"Quantum optics can be viewed as a case study in quantum physics and dynamical systems, and allows the study under ideally suited conditions of such fundamental concepts as wave-particle duality, Heisenberg uncertainty relations, quantum correlation and entanglement, theory of quantum measurement, decoherence, bifurcation and chaos, squeezing etc."
(Martial Ducloy in Europhysics News, Jan/Feb 2011)

Quantum Information Processing and Communication
Timo Felbinger, Martin Wilkens

Nano Optics and Dispersion (Casimir) Interactions
Mathis Noell, Richard Gundermann, Richard Reimann, Alexander Schomburg, Carsten Henkel

Quantum degenerate dilute Bose gases
Sasha Roewer, Carsten Henkel, Martin Wilkens

Light, photons, and gravitation
Dennis Rätzel, Ralf Menzel, Martin Wilkens

Recent MSc and BSc Projects

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