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T. Felbinger
An Alternative Front End Integrated into Vim (a Vi Clone)
Mathsource 0210-306 (1999), online software package.


    This package contains a Mathematica front end build into Vim, which is a high-end programmer's editor, highly compatible to vi but with lots of additional features. The front end is just an add-on for the editor, which can still be used as a standard editor for all kinds of ASCII files. The front end is a "text-mode" application which will run in any terminal (including, of course, xterms). The functionality is similar to the standard notebook interface, without graphics (there is, however, built-in support for external viewers like ghostview), but with greatly enhanced editing capabilities. A sample file can be found at http://www.quantum.physik.uni-potsdam.de/TF/samplevma.html. The editor has extensive online documentation (covering the front end, too).

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