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C. Henkel, H. Wallis, N. Westbrook, C. I. Westbrook, A. Aspect, K. Sengstock, and W. Ertmer
Theory of atomic diffraction from evanescent waves
Appl. Phys. B 69 (1999) 277-289, special issue `Atom optics with laser cooled atoms'.


    We review recent theoretical models and experiments dealing with the diffraction of neutral atoms from a reflection grating, formed by a standing evanescent wave. We analyze diffraction mechanisms proposed for normal and grazing incidence, point out their scopes and confront the theory with experiment.

    The original publication is available at link.springer.de or at link.springer-ny.com. © Springer-Verlag 1999
[ quant-ph/9806051 ] [ DOI ]

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