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J. Eisert, K. Jacobs, P. Papadopolous, and M. B. Plenio
Optimal local implementation of non-local quantum gates
Phys. Rev. A 62 (2000) 052317


    We investigate the minimal resources that are required in the local implementation of non-local quantum gates in a distributed quantum computer. Both classical communication requirements and entanglement consumption are investigated. We present general statements on the minimal resource requirements and present optimal procedures for a number of important gates, including CNOT and Toffoli gates. We show that one bit of classical communication in each direction is both necessary and sufficient for the non-local implementation of the quantum CNOT, while in general two bits in each direction is required for the implementation of a general two bit quantum gate. In particular, the state-swapper requires this maximum classical communication overhead. Extensions of these ideas to multi-party gates are presented.

[ quant-ph/0005101 ]

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