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C. Henkel and R. Folman
Internal decoherence in nano-object interferometry due to phonons
AVS Quant. Sci. 4 (2022) 025602, featured article in Festschrift honoring the Nobel prize awarded to Sir Roger Penrose. Feature in Kudos: link.growkudos.com/1hpzoag37cw.
[ arxiv:2112.01263 ] [ DOI ]

M. Herzog, A. von Reppert, J. E. Pudell, C. Henkel, M. Kronseder, C. H. Back, A. Maznev, and M. Bargheer
Phonon-dominated energy transport in purely metallic heterostructures
accepted for publication in  Adv. Funct. Mater. (2022)
[ arXiv:2203.14061 ] [ DOI ]

Y. Manassen, M. Jbara, M. Averbukh, Z. Hazan, C. Henkel, and B. Horovitz
Tunnel current noise spectra of spins in individual dimers of molecular radicals
Phys. Rev. B 106 (2022) 235438
[ arxiv:2201.12154 ] [ DOI ]

S. Nemati, C. Henkel, and J. Anders
Coupling function from bath density of states
Europhys. Lett. 139 (2022) 36002
[ arxiv:2112.04001 ] [ DOI ]

F. Stete, W. Koopman, G. Kewes, C. Henkel, O. Benson, and M. Bargheer
Optical Spectra of Plasmon–Exciton Core–Shell Nanoparticles: A Heuristic Quantum Approach
submitted to  ACS Photonics (2022) [ DOI ]

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