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 Research Topics
 Nano Optics and Dispersion (Casimir) Interactions

Student Projects:

  • Radiation forces on atoms moving near a dielectric surface
    Gregor Pieplow (diploma thesis 2013)
  • Resonance fluorescence in a photonic crystal
    Geesche Boedecker (PhD 2013)
  • Fluctuation-mediated interations of atoms and surfaces on a mesoscopic scale
    Harald R. Haakh (PhD 2012)
  • Cavity quantum electrodynamics with Bose-condensed atoms
    Jürgen Schiefele (PhD 2011)
  • Atom chips and magnetic fluctuations
    Bo Zhang (PhD 2009)
  • The Casimir effect at finite temperature between superconductors
    Francesco Intravaia and Harald Haakh (diploma thesis 2009)
  • Interactions between a surface and an atom or nanoparticle
    Harald Haakh, Francesco Intravaia and Salvo Spagnolo
  • Connecting individual electron traps with a macroscopic wire
    Jorge Zurita Sanchez (Puebla, Mexico)
  • Numerical simulations for trapped Bose gases at finite temperature
    Antonio Negretti (Ulm, Germany), Stuart Cockburn and Nick Proukakis (Newcastle, UK)
  • Optomechanical coupling for mobile mirrors
    Christian Höhne, Maria Martin, and Marc Herzog
  • Photon pair generation by transiently accelerated electrons and the Unruh effect
    Dennis Rätzel (diploma thesis 2009)

C. Henkel, 15 Jul 2013 

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