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 Sommersemester 2017
   Seminar Theoretische Physik

Theory Seminar

Zeit & Ort:
Wednesday 12 o'clock c.t., Room
  • In the seminar, students present a problem of current research in theoretical physics. The topics are defined by original publications chosen from the fields of the lecturers' research groups.
    In the first session, the lecturers propose topics, the students choose one, and we set up the seminar calendar. The first session will take place on Wednesday in the second week of the Semester (see calendar below).


  • The talks should take a maximum time of 40 min and use the blackboard, with a minimum use of presentation slides. Avoid using Powerpoint. The students have to report in the first two weeks of the semester to the lecturer corresponding to their topic to ask for the relevant literature.
  • At the very latest four weeks before the talk, you have to report to the lecturer to discuss an outline and to select material.
  • In the week before the talk, the title and a short abstract will be published on this page. Please send plain text (no attachments, no formulas) to C. Henkel.
  • Please send also a message should you find errors in the calendar or should you have to cancel your talk.

Date Speaker Title
Wed 26 Apr Vorbesprechung / First Session
31 May Kawa Noman Einstein's field equations for general relativity (AP)
Purnima Narayan Comparison of electromagnetic and gravitational radiation (AP 2)
14 Jun Patricia Niegebär Dipoles in electromagnetic fields: force, torque, energy (CH 5)
Jan Landwehrs Simple model for CO2 greenhouse effect (AP 6)
21 Jun David Gruner Planck mass and Chandrasekhar limit (AP 3)
Yohana Herrero Alonso Kepler orbits of dropped charges (FS 3)
28 Jun Mandy Hannemann (postponed)
05 Jul Timon Thomas Newtonian back reaction
12 Jul Kirill Makan Density patterns ("propellers") in Saturn's rings (FS 1)
19 Jul Florian Endres Quantum cosmology for pedestrians (AP 1)
Johannes Riebold Brownian, yet non-Gaussian diffusion (RM 1)
26 Jul Pranab Deka Modified Gravitational Theory as an Alternative to Dark Energy and Dark Matter (AP 4)
Mohammed H. H. El Sayed post-poned)
Jonathan Krönke (post-poned)

Status: 12 Jul 2017

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