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 Sommersemester 2018
   Seminar Theoretische Physik

Theory Seminar

Zeit & Ort:
Wednesday 12h c.t., Room
    In the seminar, students present a problem of current research in theoretical physics. The topics are defined by original publications chosen from the fields of the lecturers' research groups.
    In the first session (Vorbesprechung), the lecturers propose topics, the students choose one, and we set up the seminar calendar. The first session will take place on Wednesday in the first week of the Semester (see calendar below).

  • The talks should take a maximum time of 30–40 min and use the blackboard, with a minimum use of presentation slides. Avoid using Powerpoint. The students have to report in the first two weeks of the semester to the lecturer who issued their topic to ask for the relevant literature.
  • At the very latest four weeks before the talk, you have to report to the lecturer to discuss an outline and to select material.
  • A list of topics suggested by C. Henkel can be found here.
  • In the week before the talk, the title and a short abstract will be published on this page. Please send plain text (no attachments, no formulas) to C. Henkel.
  • Please send also a message should you find errors in the calendar or should you have to cancel your talk.

Date Speaker Title
Wed 11 Apr Vorbesprechung
(verschoben) Mathis Manzel Ideal 1D hydrodynamics and emergent singularities (FS 1)
Wed 06 Jun Eric Heidrich Sinking bubbles in a glass of stout (FS)
Henrik Seckler Debating entropy: Boltzmann vs. Gibbs (CH)
Wed 20 Jun Adrian Heilemann A self-avoiding walk as a model of fixational eye movements (RM)
Friedrich Sittner Hidden symmetry of trapped atoms in two dimensions (CH)
(verschoben) Georg Filatow Quantisation of the gravitational field (Bronstein 1936) (CH 1)
(verschoben) Marie Zeller The apparent super-Carnot efficiency of hurricanes (AP)
Wed 04 Jul Jan Haacker Simple models for the CO2 greenhouse effect (AP)
Wed 11 Jul Alexander Bastian Clustering of Granular Assemblies under Keplerian Differential Rotation (FS 2b)
(verschoben) Robin Schmidt Force-free motion of granular media and fractal structures (FS 2a)
Wed 18 Jul Sweta Menon Diffusion of integral membrane proteins in protein-rich membranes (RM)

Last change: 13 April 2018

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