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 Sommersemester 2020
   Seminar Theoretische Physik

Theory Seminar

Time & Place:
Wednesday 12h c.t. Room, supported virtually by the Moodle platform

In the seminar, students present a problem of current research in theoretical physics. The topics are defined by original publications chosen from the fields of the lecturers' research groups.
Usually, the first session would be devoted to the lecturers proposing topics, the students choosing one, and setting up the seminar calendar.
See the moodle site of the seminar for details about the first session and for the proposed literature.

  • The talks should take a maximum time of 40 min. Normally, you would use chalk and the blackboard, with a minimum use of presentation slides. But in SS20, you are allowed to prepare PowerPoint/Keynote/... presentations. The talks are either delivered via a video conference or by adding audio tracks to your presentation. See the Moodle for more details. The students have to report in the first two weeks of the semester to the lecturer corresponding to their topic to ask for the relevant literature.
  • At the very latest four weeks before the talk, you have to report to the lecturer to discuss an outline and to select material.
  • In the week before the talk, the title and a short abstract will be published on this page. Please send plain text (no attachments, no formulas) to C. Henkel.
  • Please send also a message should you find errors in the calendar or should you have to cancel your talk.

Datem Speaker Title
Wed 22 Apr Vorbesprechung / Seminar Organisation

Status 16 Apr 2020

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