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 Wintersemester 2016/17
   Interpretationen der Quantenmechanik

Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics

Dozent: Carsten Henkel
Die Vorlesung ist 2-stündig:
  • jeden Donnerstag um 14.15 Uhr, in Raum
  • Hinweis. Vorlesung entfällt am Do 10. Nov 2016.


  • On request of colleagues from abroad, the lecture will be documented in English. Material can be found on the Uni Potsdam moodle.
  • A blog 'QMeanings' came out of the students' lecture notes.

Calendar and Topics

Thu 20 Oct Overview
Thu 27 Oct Remarks on literature. Double-slit (or grating) interference experiment.
Thu 03 Nov Schrödinger (1935): Zur gegenwärtigen Situation in der Quantenmechanik. Zurek (2003): the quantum-classical border. Copenhagen interpretation of QM.
Thu 10 Nov cancelled (dies academicus)
Thu 17 Nov Hydrodynamic formulation of Schrödinger's equation: quantum potential Bohm theory: "the particles and the pilot wave"
Thu 24 Nov Wigner representation of quantum dynamics, analogy to wavelet analysis (spectrograms in acoustics), non-classical states ("negative probabilities")
Thu 01 Dec Decoherence (à la Zurek): diffusion in phase space, Einstein relation, estimate of decoherence time for macroscopic object
Thu 08 Dec Interference experiments with polarized photons and entanglement: negative measurement, one- and two-photon interference, quantum eraser
Thu 15 Dec Illustrative material on the web for exotic quantum effects
Thu 05 Jan "Impossible" quantum states: hidden variables and elements of reality, counterfactual reasoning. Hardy's state, Green-Horne-Zeilinger state, Bell-Kochen-Specker theorem
Thu 12 Jan Student talks: Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen experiment, Bell inequality
Thu 19 Jan Student talk: entanglement. Correlations and wave function "collapse".
Thu 26 Jan Student talk: many-worlds interpretation. Single-atom experiments and quantum jumps, "measurements on the reality of the wave function".
Thu 02 Feb Test
Thu 09 Feb Student talk: history of photon concepts. Concluding remarks.

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