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 Wintersemester 2016/17
   Einführung in die Quantenoptik I

Introduction to Quantum Optics I

Dozent: Carsten Henkel
Die Vorlesung ist 2-stündig:
  • jeden Dienstag um 12.15 Uhr, in Raum
The lecture may be held in English on request.

Übung / Problem session:

Material zur Vorlesung:

    Meystre & Sargent III
    Berman & Malinovsky
    Scully & Zubairy
    Mandel & Wolf
    Cohen-Tannoudji, Dupont-Roc & Grynberg, "Atoms and Photons" (2 Bände)
    Gerry & Knight
    Vogel, Welsch & Wallentowitz

Kalender und Themen

Tue 18 Oct Überblick / Overview
Tue 25 Oct Typical experiments in matter-light interactions: absorption, interference, correlations.
Thu 27 Oct Problem session
Tue 01 Nov Quantum mechanics of two-level systems: observables, dipole coupling, minimal coupling.
Tue 08 Nov Time evolution: atom-laser Hamiltonian, damping (spontaneous emission, dephasing), Rabi oscillation.
Thu 10 Nov Problem session
Tue 15 Nov Resonance approximation (RWA). Bloch sphere. Pure and mixed states, spin language, short-pulse preparation.
Tue 22 Nov Dynamics with Bloch equations: Rabi rotation, spontaneous decay, dephasing, with animations.
Thu 24 Nov Problem session
Tue 29 Nov Pure states, mixed states. Complex Rabi frequency.
Tue 06 Dec Short pulse excitation: electronic and vibrational quantum dynamics
Thu 08 Dec Problem session
Tue 13 Dec Field quantization: Fock-Hilbert space, scalar product and vacuum, one-, two- ... photon sectors
Tue 03 Jan Field operators, observables, correspondences, zero-point energy
Tue 10 Jan Thermal radiation: density operator, averages of observables, sum over polarizations
Thu 12 Jan Problem session
Tue 17 Jan Student talk: Casimir energy. Planck spectrum of blackbody radiation.
Thu 19 Jan Problem session
Tue 24 Jan Student talks: Rydberg atoms, optomechanics.
Tue 31 Jan Lecture cancelled
Tue 07 Feb Spontaneous emission rate and asymmetric vacuum spectrum. Concluding remarks.
Thu 09 Feb Problem session

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