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 Wintersemester 2018/19
   Seminar Theoretische Physik

Theory Seminar

Time & Place:
Wednesday 10h c.t. Room and Thursday 10h c.t. Room
    In the seminar, students present a problem of current research in theoretical physics. The topics are defined by original publications chosen from the fields of the lecturers' research groups.
    In the first session, the lecturers propose topics, the students choose one, and we set up the seminar calendar. The first session will take place on Wednesday in the first week of the Semester (see calendar below).
  • Literature available at the moodle site of the seminar.

  • The talks should take a maximum time of 40 min and use the blackboard, with a minimum use of presentation slides. Avoid using Powerpoint. The students have to report in the first two weeks of the semester to the lecturer corresponding to their topic to ask for the relevant literature.
  • At the very latest four weeks before the talk, you have to report to the lecturer to discuss an outline and to select material.
  • In the week before the talk, the title and a short abstract will be published on this page. Please send plain text (no attachments, no formulas) to C. Henkel.
  • Please send also a message should you find errors in the calendar or should you have to cancel your talk.

Datem Speaker Title
Wed 17 Oct Seminar Organisation
Wed 28 Nov Mathis Manzel Fixational eye movements and random walks (RM 1)
Wed 05 Dez Simon Schöll Atmospheric CO2 and the greenhouse effect (AP)
Wed 05 Dez Julius Eberhard Two Einstein results from the Jarzynski equality (AP 5)
Wed 12 Dez Marie Zeller The apparent 'super-Carnot' efficiency of hurricanes (AP)
Wed 12 Dez Erich Ohlhäuser Quantum entanglement with Freedman's inequality (AP)
Wed 19 Dez Oliver Franke Getting a power spectrum from one time series (RM 2)
Wed 09 Jan Max Pritzkuleit Gravitational waves without general relativity (AP 2)
Wed 09 Jan Maximilian Mattern Quantum anomalies in Bose-Einstein condensates (CH 2)
Thu 10 Jan Sara Vitali Simple models of complex chaotic systems (FS)
(Wed) Alexandre Gillet (cancelled)
Thu 17 Jan S. Marzieh Hosseini Vacuum catastrophe and the cosmological constant problem (CH)
Thu 17 Jan Özgün Adebali Moon-induced Gaps in Planetary Rings (FS)
Thu 24 Jan G. Mátyás Szabó Nonlinear Newtonian gravity and black holes (AP 3)
Thu 24 Jan Robin Schmidt Hyperbolic Meta-Materials and the Purcell effect (CH 3)
Wed 30 Jan Mitali Damle Bell's Theorem and Causality (AP)
Thu 31 Jan Georg Filatow Bronstein's quantisation of weak gravitational fields (CH)

Status 30 Jan 2019

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