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 Research Topics
 Nano Optics and Atom Optics


We study quantum optics in the near field. This is relevant for several different contexts:
  • scanning microscopes striving for high resolution
  • miniaturized traps for quantum degenerate gases
    ('atom chips')
  • atom-surface interactions mediated by the radiation field
  • mechanical effects of light at the mesoscopic scale
    ('Casimir effect', 'nanomechanical oscillators')
  • quantum logical gates with strings of trapped ions
In these situations, the electromagnetic field and its fluctuations (thermal and quantum) have to be described in an inhomogeneous, macroscopic environment. The fields show a profoundly different behaviour compared to free space.

Cooperations Funding Presentations & Talks


  • Radiation forces on atoms moving near a dielectric surface
    Gregor Pieplow (diploma thesis 2013)
  • Resonance fluorescence in a photonic crystal
    Geesche Boedecker (PhD 2013)
  • Fluctuation-mediated interations of atoms and surfaces on a mesoscopic scale
    Harald R. Haakh (PhD 2012)
  • Cavity quantum electrodynamics with Bose-condensed atoms
    Jürgen Schiefele (PhD 2011)
  • Atom chips and magnetic fluctuations
    Bo Zhang (PhD 2009)
  • The Casimir effect at finite temperature between superconductors
    Francesco Intravaia and Harald Haakh (diploma thesis 2009)
  • Interactions between a surface and an atom or nanoparticle
    Harald Haakh, Francesco Intravaia and Salvo Spagnolo
  • Connecting individual electron traps with a macroscopic wire
    Jorge Zurita Sanchez (Puebla, Mexico)
  • Numerical simulations for trapped Bose gases at finite temperature
    Antonio Negretti (Ulm, Germany), Stuart Cockburn and Nick Proukakis (Newcastle, UK)
  • Optomechanical coupling for mobile mirrors
    Christian Höhne, Maria Martin, and Marc Herzog
  • Photon pair generation by transiently accelerated electrons and the Unruh effect
    Dennis Rätzel (diploma thesis 2009)

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