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 Research Topics
 Quantum Information Processing and Communication


    The two key structural elements of quantum mechanics quantum information processing and communication are the superposition principle and the exponential scaling of the state space with the number of subsystems (partitions). These elements combine into entanglement, one of the most distincive and counterintuitive feaures of quantum mechanics. The research of this research group is dedicated to a better understanding of this resource.


  • Exploration of the connection of quantum and classical information.
  • Investigation of entanglement monotones.
  • Examination of the mathematical structure of the set of entangled states.
  • Investigation of multi-particle entanglement.
  • Study of the implications of game theory for quantum information theory.


  • Timo Felbinger
  • Kim Boström
  • Janet Anders
  • Holger Hoffmann
  • (Jens Eisert)
  • Martin Wilkens

  • Collaborations:

  • Optics Section, Imperial College, London, UK.
  • Sektion Physik, LMU München, Germany.
  • Members of the A2 Quantum Information Consortium.
  • Coordinators of EQUIP
  • Coordinators of QUPRODIS
  • Results:

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