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 Wintersemester 2019/20
   Einführung in die Quantenoptik I

Einführung in die Quantenoptik I

Teacher: Carsten Henkel

The Lecture takes 2 hours:

  • Tuesday, 10h15 - 11h45, in Room


  • Thursday, 15h00 - 15h45, in Room

  • Problem Set 01 (Discussion Thu 17/24 Oct 19) .pdf
  • Problem Set 02 (Discussion Thu 07 Nov 19) .pdf
  • Problem Set 03 (Discussion Thu 21 Nov 19) .pdf
    Python script that solves the optical Bloch equations.
  • Problem Set 04 (Discussion Thu 05 Dec 19) .pdf
  • Problem Set 05 (Discussion Thu 19 Dec 19) .pdf
  • Problem Set 06 (Discussion Thu 09 Jan 19) .pdf
  • Problem Set 07 (Discussion Thu 23 or 30 Jan 20) .pdf (formula (7.3) corrected)

Skriptum, Notizen

Themen für Vorträge und weitere Hinweise
Kap. I: Materie-Licht-Wechselwirkung .pdf (1.4 MB)
Kap. II: Feldquantisierung und Photodetektion .pdf (1.1 MB)
Kap. III: Photodetektion und Mastergleichungen .pdf (499 kB)


Meystre & Sargent III
Berman & Malinovsky
Yanhua Shih
John C. Garrison
Scully & Zubairy
Mandel & Wolf
Cohen-Tannoudji, Dupont-Roc & Grynberg, "Atoms and Photons" (2 Bände)
Gerry & Knight
Vogel, Welsch & Wallentowitz
Walls & Milburn
[ Miguel Orszag ]

Calendar and Topics

Tue 15 Oct Overview, Atom-Light-Interaction in minimal coupling Board 1 Board 2 Board 3
Do 17 Oct (Ü) typical fields, superposition states
Tue 22 Oct Electric dipole coupling vs minimal coupling. Local U(1) phase symmetry. Time-dependent perturbation theory. Atom-Light-Interaction in electric dipole coupling
Board 1 Board 2 Board 3 Board 4
Thu 17 Oct (Ü with Timo F.)
Tue 29 Oct Resonance approximation, two-level effective Hamiltonian, Rabi oscillations.
Board 1 Board 2 Board 3 Board 4
Tue 05 Nov Bloch vector representation of Rabi oscillations. Pure and mixed states.
Board 1-4
Thu 07 Nov (Ü)
Tue 12 Nov Spin resonance language for a two-level system: effective magnetic field, rotating frame. Relaxation processes: spontaneous emission, dephasing, geometric description: contraction of the Bloch sphere.
Board 1 Board 2 Board 3 Board 4
Thu 14 Nov (Ü)
Tue 19 Nov Macroscopic two-level medium: Bloch-Lorenz model for a laser. Nonlinearity: due to inversion, saturation.
Board 1 Board 2
Thu 21 Nov (Ü)
Tue 26 Nov Field quantisation: photon as elementary excitation of field mode. Mode quadratures, field energy.
Board 1 Board 2 Board 3 Board 4
Thu 28 Nov (Ü)
Tue 03 Dec Quantum states of light: Fock (number) states, one-photon states (in different mode bases), two-photon states (entanglement), thermal states (thermal equilibrium, density operator with Boltzmann weights).
Board 1 Board 2 Board 3
Thu 05 Dec (Ü)
Tue 10 Dec Interaction with the quantized field: Jaynes-Cummings-Paul model, dressed levels and radiative linewidth
Board 1 Board 2 Board 3 Board 4
Thu 12 Dec (Ü)
Tue 17 Dec Vacuum fluctuations and their spectrum.
Board 1 Board 2 Board 3 Board 4
Thu 19 Dec (Ü)
Tue 07 Jan Master equation for two-level system: spontaneous emission and photodetection
Board 1 Board 2 Board 3
Thu 09 Jan (Ü)
Tue 14 Jan Master equation for populations: spontaneous decay, correlations and spectrum. Glauber's model of a photodetector
Board 1 Board 2 Board 3 Board 4
Thu 16 Jan (Ü)
Tue 21 Jan Beam splitter: transformation of states, operators, Hong-Ou-Mandel interference ("bunching"). Homodyne measurements: local oscillator, quadrature measurements.
Thu 23 Jan (Ü)
Tue 28 Jan Distribution functions for quadratures: Q-, Wigner- and P-function. Non-classical states of light. Collapse and Revival: one atom and a single-mode field in a coherent state. Experiment with microwave cavity and Rydberg atoms. Measurement of the refractive index of a single atom.
Board 1 Board 2 Board 3 Board 4
Thu 30 Jan (Ü) talk by Rick: Rydberg atoms and molecules
Tue 04 Feb Collapse and Revival: with thermal state. Current projects.
Thu 06 Feb (Ü) talk by Momen: Hanbury Brown-Twiss intensity interferometry
talk by Mathis: laser cooling of atomic gases

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